Propeller Polish

Our team of ADMS divers are capable of achieving a surface finish of 1 Micron CLA ensuring that an accurate propeller inspection can be carried out monitoring any hydrodynamic defects.

Hull Cleaning

Underwater hull cleaning can have a major effect on fuel cost saving, the build-up of marine growth can lead to drag, cavitation and turbulence. The machinery at ADMS can remove all types of marine fouling from light slime to hard barnacle growth.

CCTV Inspection

ADMS use high resolution underwater CCTV cameras to ensure the best quality possible in prevailing underwater conditions. The different types of underwater CCTV inspection ADMS conduct are:

• Underwater hull condition surveys
• Paint inspections
• Damage inspections
• Security surveys
• NDT (CSWIP 3.1 / 3.2) Inspections
• Jetty Inspections
• Dock Inspections
• Sea Bed Inspections
• Extension to dry docking
• In Water Survey (IWS)

Blanking of Sea-Chests

ADMS has the capacity to fabricate blanks to the size of the required sea-chest. Our blanks avoid any unnecessary docking of the vessel for internal valve change-outs to be conducted. The neutral buoyancy of ADMS fabricated blanks enable the diver to easily manoeuvre the blanks into position.


ADMS has the capacity to provide cofferdams of any size required by our clients. A cofferdam allows for insert plate repairs to be carried out whilst the vessel is still in the water as enabling our clients to avoid the cost of emergency dry docking.

Anode Installation

ADMS has a team of certified underwater welders capable of welding sacrificial anodes at any location on a vessel.