Dubai, 2013/2014-2015 -

ADMS conducted core drilling and pipeline construction operations for Emirates Roads Construction, one of the largest roads construction companies in the UAE. ADMS cored holes 3 meters through and existing quay walls in 500, 600 & 700mm diameters and installed and connected pipelines to the existing structures.

Qatar, 2014 -

ADMS is conducting pipeline construction operations for Qatar Petroleum, one of the largest oil & gas companies in Qatar.

Dubai, 2013/2014 –

ADMS is conducting multiple CCTV/Photographic inspections, corrosion & NDT inspections and pipeline pigging operations to 48” pipelines for the intake lines for Atlantis the Palm in the UAE.

Egypt, 2014 –

ADMS is currently conducting IRM, SURF and multiple offshore Saturation Diving operations up to 150 meters depth with over 100+ employees in the Medittereanean and Red seas for Petroleum Marine Services, BP (GUPCO) & Petrobel.

UAE, 2013/2014 –

ADMS has completed and is currently conducting various ships husbandry operations including, hull cleaning, propeller polishing, CCTV UWILD & Class inspection, bow thruster repairs, etc.. servicing major clients in the Oil & Gas industry as well as Shipping and transport industries in the global market.

Jebel Ali, 2013 –

ADMS Conducted photographic inspections, wet welding/burning, structural steel modifications and rectifications, quay wall/concrete repairs, anchor installations and cleaning to a new and existing quay wall for the UAE Military (CMW), EDC Marine & Soletanche Bachy.